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I know they share different bank accounts, but frankly I am torn here. I am the type of player who likes to have each character on a different tradeskill to be as self-sufficient as possible. However, I also want to have a decent mix of good and evil characters (and I don't plan on betraying all from one side to the other). I want to experience as much of the world as possible which means having characters based in each of the five major cities. I'm assuming that in order to do this I have to sacrifice the benefit of sharing 7 different tradeskill professions? The only think I could think of is very risky, and involves having one character log out next to the black market vendor, have the other character log in, put the item on the market super-cheap and then switch back ASAP (have to try this at a very low-traffic time). A trusted friend could also courier to a neutral land for a hand-off I suppose.

 I don't mind supportng other crafters with my $$$, but when there is nothing on the market or it's way overpriced I like to be able to make it myself. Are there other methods of transferring items I don't know about?

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