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Just to add to Talduke's post above.
I played the necro present and there was nothing wrong with his resolve, it was at 1056 with a mix of old live gear (e.g the charms), solo drops and 3 or 4 pieces of the scaling beta gear, without any scaling gear I am at like 950 or so..

What you need to know though is, that I am probably the typical "casual" player on live. Some info on my live stats (as this is where we will start of at the beginning of the exppansion. I have 62mil HP, 85k potency, 4630CB, 1.5mil ABmod, 86 fervor, 750 resolve, 160 Doublecast.,
I have my epic 2.0 with the epic spells both at ancient, my etherealist spells 1 - 10 are at expert level, got the mount from the heroic completionist stuff, From the summer event I have the shoulders at lvl 5 plus all orange runes, a set of Glory, Championship, Witness + Juxtaposition V's as well as the complete orange sets for Paixao and Pingyuan Diqu.
I do not have a fervor bot to heartbind with on a second account, so am not running with 30 extra fervor all the time. which definitely leaves me lacking in the fervor department. I do not raid, so don't have any raid gear, don't have the necklace from the heroic collection or the raid update, which all contributes (or not) to my dblcast being what it is.
To sum it up: Lower fervor + lower double cast + average ascension levels => a lot lower dps.

In beta I ran all solo quests + signature line in my old live gear and had no problem whatsoever, nameds usually died in 15-30 seconds. In fact I could help out a bunch of folks who had got stuck at killing some nameds.

So I can only agree with Talduke.... any normal/pug/casual group will have no chance even though this is considered a T1.
Please keep in mind, not everyone has all ascensions grandmastered or even at ancient level, not everyone has top notch raid gear and so on.
I understand that there are different types of players who all will want to enjoy the new stuff - and rightly so - , casuals, raiders and the hardcore min/max people to name a few, which makes it a difficult endeavor for you devs to satisfy all wishes and needs. A "simple" T1 though should be doable for casual players as well.
Of course it could just be that I am a bad player with no skill.
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