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As for 2 healer groups, I simply am not up to that level where 2 are required, and did not realize this was a necessity. My mystic is my third character I have been working on leveling. Working on getting one of each class up to 20 to get a good understanding to how they all work.

I'm a 37 level mystic and am currently XPing in Rivervale. Ever since stormhold every pickup group I've gotten has instisted that you must have 2 healers to group in (insert TS, nek, Zek, EL, RE, RV, nektropos,etc zone here). My small guild group has done just fine with just little old me as the solo healer with my 'broken wards'. We took out Lord Everling with 4 people at 29. Just yesterday at average level of 36.5, the 4 of us took out the named 42++ groupx2 encounter just outside the Deathfist Citadel entrance. Without tooting my own horn too much, I just want to illusrate that you dont need 2 healers to do the content in the game, a group of competent players with some creativity will do just fine with one.

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