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The Enchanter AA Quickening adds .300 base auto-attack multiplier to your melee attacks only. This is the equivalent of about 30 weapon damage bonus. Melee Vs. using a wand as an enchanter gives you that edge and no more. With the Quickening AA damage between the two is close, slight edge to melee. At the haste soft cap your melee weapon will swing every 3.1(19 times per min), wand 3.6(16 times per min).

It would be nice if enchanters base weapon damage was brought in line with other mages. The increase given to summoners and sorcerers was done in an effort to keep them up to par with melee DPS classes, and I imagine to make some of the WDB/SWDB gear a viable option for them should they chose it. Unfortunately enchanters received none of this. We are not tier 1 DPS, but I don't think that is any reason to keep our base weapon damage as low as it currently is. To me it seems as though we were just forgotten when they made the adjustments to base weapon damage bonus.
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