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Kander wrote:

[email protected] wrote:

So here are my impressions of the instance after the changes to the gnorgers.  It was an uneventful run through up to and including the gnorgers (who were very manageable on legendary geared Tylia with the Skyshrine Inq merc, fighting stance) and Errlik the Bludgeoner and his 2 adds took a while to kill but were not impossible.

The fight with Merglok was time consuming, but also not overly difficult.

I had the most problems with the last name.  His adds hit very hard and with 2 of them at once, they would take me from green to orange very fast.  (Yay for fast casting heals!  I did die 4 times trying different strategies and positions etc.)  I had 3 of the 30% damage stones to use and on the last pull, I used them and defeated him.  I still had to do a lot of fast healing, but the fight was fun and challenging for a completely legendary geared fury, and it took some thinking to figure out a strategy that would work.

All in all, I would say that the changes to the gnorgers made those encounters very doable now, and the zone is very casual-friendly, maybe overly-so with the exception of the last name.  I would also agree that maybe things need to be "turned up" just a bit as far as the ground mobs and the Ashlok trash mobs, as they were very easy to kill.  I would still call it a fun instance to run. 

I appreciate your time and efforts Tylia! I appreciate the feedback!

My pleasure Kander, and now that I know Wurmbone Crag so well, maybe I should go spend a little more time getting to know the other instances.  lol  SMILEY

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