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Does anyone know if Sunder can trigger from other players as well as the Brigand/Swash?  Each time I parse it, I'm the only one triggering Sunder in ACT.  Is it supposed to trigger on any player?  The description says that when the target takes damage, it has a 10% chance to cast Sunder (1200 to 2200 piercing damage).

If this ability is only triggered by the Rogue, then I was thinking about changing it to Change of Engagement.  However, on training dummies, I've noticed that reducing the max health (using Will to Survive with 5% reduction) does nothing.  I've parsed 8 times each on a heroic training dummy (8 reducing max health, 8 times not reducing health) and I do pretty much the exact same DPS and total damage in both sets of trials; I don't see a max health decrease.

Has anyone else tested these out?

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