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This NPC becomes your new Merc when all is said and done.. WOOT!!!

Stats page

Woot, love his HP.. hahahaha..


Ok, actually he is not a new Merc, well not for use outside of the dugeon he came from.. It was a fluke that he was still with me after I finished the sig quest..  hehehe but was fun kill'n stuff with him while I had him.. if only I had not zoned to guild hall.. hehehehe..

The Old


Eshaac 84 Ranger, 92 Jeweler ; Eshaack 92 Beastlord, 37 Provisioner ; Faelander 20 Assassin, 20 Woodworker

Curley 32 SK, 32 Alchemist ; Squint 20 Mystic, 22 Sage

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