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I've run into problems like this already, without this change in: cases where someone I'm grouping with misses quest updates because I one-shotted the mob I was pulling too far away. It's worse when I'm mentoring down to someone, but even a level-appropriate character in quested gear can hit mobs hard enough to trigger the glitch. If this is implemented exactly as described, it'll play hob with normal grouping.

It could be tweaked to work, though. Simply make it so that if you're in combat range of the mob, or within say 25m of someone who is on the mob's hate list, when it dies you still get credit. That prevents the above problem while still making it so people can't park safely out of harm's way and soak up XP while the rest of the group kills. It still leaves openings, but it's just plain hard to distinguish a character that isn't doing anything from a character that didn't get a chance to do anything before the mob died.

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