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Mohee wrote:

To bring back grouping of all levels...

1: Make available all dungeons, at all levels, with cross server Dungeon Finder grouping.

2: Fix mentoring. It is currently broken. You should not be as powerful as people become when mentoring. You aren't a god that 1 shots everything at lvl 92, you shouldn't be when you're mentored to 30.

3: Fix mentoring to allow for a challenge in all the zones still!!!

4: Scaling rewards. So even a 90-92 person can get a good rewards for their level!

Wow! Its amazing how something so simple could encourage grouping! The 1-89 folks and new players would have someone to actually group with! Instead of having to solo from 1-92 (which isn't fun for new players seeking an MMO to group and socialize!)

Wouldn't a better option be, providing two forms of mentoring, and allowing players to choose?Option 1) Mentoring as it exists today.Option 2) Mentoring to simulate the stats of the mentored character, or an equivalent version of.That way, we don't lose options, we gain them. This is because different situations make different options more desirable. If I am playing with a friend who is new to the game, I don't want to be a "demi-god" when mentored down. If I am levelling a guildie's 10th alt, I want to be a demi-god...Adding options > Replacing options.

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