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Your tank is still going to kill things faster than whoever else is in the group can hit every mob, or perform some action to be hated by every mob.  Particularly when the tank fires an arrow to pull and 4 mobs fall down and die.  Then the zerker swings one melee round ae auto fires and 4 more mobs fall down and die.  If he's running ED proc, oh man, more mobs just fell down and died.

Ok, we're talking two totally different things.  You are talking powerleveling, I'm talking boxing.

As long as your boxing things that can't be one shot killed (heroics not quest mobs) then yes isBoxer could be used to perform actions to get on hate list. 

But you get into some tough grey area here.  ISBoxer in itself is not a EULA violation.  The PnP and tiling, and quick swapping between screens is all legal.  However using broadcasting with ISBoxer is a violation.  So making it that when you press '1' on your main session and it presses one on all others is a violation.  Making it so when you click on a specific location it clicks on all others, is a violation.

However, configuring it so that when you hit a specific key combination it presses '1' on session 2 is not a violation.  So long as each action is attributed to a specific keypress or click, and one keypress or click does not cause more than one action to be performed (outside of an ingame macro), everything is kosher.

This is getting off topic, and honestly if you even follow these descriptions you understand just how convaluded SoE has made their EULA interpretation.  Other games like WoW, LoTRo and many others have no issue with key forwarding to other sessions and you can freely use all features of ISBoxer.  However in EQ2 you can only use a small subset and not be in violation.

Actually it's not against the EULA to broadcast the commands.  Per the rules you have to be at the computer.  Isboxer allows you to box multiple clients on the same computer.  So you are within the rules fully.  I remember a discussion about something similar to this a few years back that SOE responded on.

Copy and paste from post in 2009 by Kiara:



End of debate   Thank you very much everyone

Our terms of service state: (

6. We may terminate this Agreement (including your Software license and your Account) and/or suspend your Account immediately and without notice: (i) if you violate any provision of this Agreement; (ii) infringe any third party intellectual property rights; (iii) if we are unable to verify or authenticate any information you provide to us; (iv) upon game play, chat or any player activity whatsoever which we, in our sole discretion, determine is inappropriate and/or in violation of the spirit of the Game; (v) upon any violation of the Station Terms of Service and/or the Game Rules of Conduct and/or (vi) upon any violation of the Exchange Agreement. If we terminate this Agreement or suspend your Account under these circumstances, you will lose access to your Account for the duration of the suspension and/or the balance of any prepaid period without any refund. We may also terminate this Agreement if we decide, in our sole discretion, to discontinue offering the Game, in which case we may provide you with a prorated refund of any prepaid amounts.

So, multiboxing if you control all 6 characters signally and you have to type a command for all 6 characters separately is ok. Multi-boxing with the use of hardware OR software which allows you to control 6 characters with 1 command is not ok and considered in violation of the spirit of the game as it gives the player(s) an advantage over other players."

So let's recap how it works:

  1. You must be at the computer.
  2. Your must actively send unique commands to each, individual character/client either via hardware (wireless keyboards for example) or software.

As I described it earlier, it seems like all one has to do is use Isboxer to send the individual commands to those they are grouping with to ensure they hit the hate list.  Thus, multi-boxers are fine.  Powerlevelers?  There are other ways to get on the hate list.  As an example, a warden just has to place their spores spell on the tank and let the tank run up to stuff to be smacked once before the tank attacks.  A very large number of classes have some sort of reactive buff or other means (like a ward) to get that hate.  Still, I'm personally not concerned with the loss of powerlevelers.  Too many who don't know how to play their class due to it.  Worse, those bringing their friends into the game, powerleveling them up, and then dumping them at cap.  Those players get frustrated and leave in short order more often than not.  Combine that with the decimation of entire zones during double XP which affects new players...  yeah, more than glad to see the change.

Deadcrickets2... Did you actually read Ulrichvon's post?I suggest you do. You tried to say he is wrong, only to turn around and post the same info he did, albeit in an epic wall of text.But grats on "ending the debate"?

He stated that broadcasting was against the EULA.  I responded as to why it is not.  Could you care to explain how I "post the same info he did"?

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