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I will never understand the teams stance on xp and leveling. There is no consistency and seemingly little thought applied. I just can't draw the logical connections. It's getting to the point of how exactly are people supposed to level in this game? Are we really supposed to only quest from 1 to 92? The dungeons don't have enough mobs with a fast enough respawn, a problem that is only going to be amplified by this change which does nothing but make leveling take longer. Anything with respawning mobs is nerfed in to oblivion so people can't level there. Everyone likes to say the game is so big, but it really isn't. How exactly are people supposed to level? I've been playing this game for 8 years, if I want to level another character I don't want to do those quests again. If your goal is to make it so I never level another character again this will accomplish that. I can't see it accomplishing anything else.
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