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DJWolf5 wrote:

Deadcrickets2, a great thread here but I am confused.  On the first post you explain how to use the switch on a Vista or Windows 7 system and then how to use it on an XP system and then say that it cannot be used on 32 bit computers when XP is a 32bit system only.

So, I cannot use this switch or this information for my Vista 32 bit system?  I have 4 Gigabytes of memory and my system uses 3 and a bit Gigs of that.  So that is a definite "NO" to using your fix?

While I was used to these critical memory errors once every three or four hours of play even on extreme performance, I needed the next graphics setting up to see the harvestables and the quest 'clickies' and so was getting these errors every 2 to 3 hours.  However, in the last week something has changed.  I get these crashes when I go to my house, when I go to the guild hall, when I zone anywhere and on raids, as other players are dropping from the server like dead flies, I pray with each pull that I won't be the one to get that "Critical Memory" error that now plagues us all.

They have "fixed" something that wasn't broken and now it is, and this thread is going to see a lot more traffic unfortuantely.

It's not that it can't be used for 32bit but that it's highly not recommended. Too often those on 32bit Windows will attempt to use it when their system is suboptimal; either using less than 4Gb of system RAM or integrated video cards or both. Not only that but the newer video cards have higher amounts of onboard RAM which further eats into available RAM. 

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