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Vifarc wrote:

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 under Windows XP  You lose additional RAM space on any card that has 512Mb of VRAM or more.  512Mb or more is duplicated into system memory under 32bit.

Lol, so, with my 32b, EQ2 (and all?) should better run with a 256Mb card? (oh, you specified your 32b thread in a 64 one)

Can't I tell my 1024Mo graphic card to only use 256Mb when I play EQ2??

I only found this:, but that seems for integrated cards.

What I would do is wait for the release of Windows 8.  At that time there should be some sales popping up for Windows 7 (currently about $70 for OEM version).  You can buy that cheaper than the video card and upgrade your system to Windows 7 x64.  That way you get all the benefits of your current video card while positioning yourself for future software and being able to use some of the advanced game features such as Godrays (Sun shafts) and Ambient Occlusion.

* edit to answer question

There is no way to specify how much memory it uses as it's part of the way the operating system is designed.  Whenever you run a DirectX 9 game it automatically duplicates the VRAM into system RAM.  Sadly Everquest 2 is a DirectX 9 game despite some DirectX 10 kludgework added on (MSAA, Ambient Occlusion, Depth of Field, Godrays, etc).  The multiple rendering pathways the game uses is also exactly why some overlays like Steam and Raptr do not work (though Evolve and Overwolf do). If they game was converted over to DirectX 10 it wouldn't copy the VRAM.  However, that would also mean it would no longer run on Windows XP.

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