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And you can look back into my posting history to see how far back I posted about it.  It's still new and you are switching back and forth in regards to what you are referencing.  Crash.txt has nothing to do with C:Crash.  Crash.txt was years for many years but never uploaded (as I priorly mentioned).  It included information such as shader leaks.  The files in C:Crash are from Recap which are automatically uploaded (as I priorly mentioned).  That clarify it enough for you?  I've handled both of your issues and the attempted moving of goalposts.

Recap and its functionality (Recap allows SOE to view auto-generated client crash logs which are automatically uploaded to the server) was announced in the middle of last year. No matter what way you try to spin it, automatic crash reporting is not new. Sorry, but I do not need to look at your "posting history", to tell you something over a year old, is not new.If recap was announced yesterday, or last week, maybe even a stretch to last month, I would have actually agreed with you.

Didn't refute anything I stated priorly.  Arguing for semantics and not constructively adding to the thread.

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