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Thankfully the new automatic crash reporter will help them track down and fix these bugs fasters (hopefully).

It is not new.

The one for EQ2 is (I was the first to mention it on the forums a while back with a warning about HDD space usage).  I believe you are thinking of the Windows Error Reporting system which has been around for years but the reports aren't going to SOE because they aren't paying the annual fees for it.

If you're talking about the crash dumps that were going to "c:crash", which were huge data dumps, we're not talking about the same thing. The "c:crash" incident was purely a case of code that was not meant to go public (internal testing) being released by "accident". SOE was actually monitoring crash logs well before this (back up into 2011).The crash logging may have been occuring before 2011, but obviously the log files on my PC would not pre-date the installation of my O/S. As I would rather make a statement, than an assumption, I will make no claims of pre-2011 crash logging.Have a good look around on your computer, you may find some interesting contents in your "c:users\appdatalocal"  directory. Also check the "temp" folder under local. Look for SCE and Sony.So unless you consider something over a year old, to be "new", have fun with that one.

I'm well aware of files such as those and crash.txt.  However, those were not automatically uploaded.  The keyword I used in my post was "automatic".  Before the latest tool arrived I was advising people on the tech support forum (here and on EQ2X)to copy and post the content of the crash.txt file.

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