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running server 2008 r2 64bit, is there any process limitation for everquest2.exe that can be modified?

i don't mind that eq2 uses all my 16gb of ram or even 32gb when i upgrade to what was supposed to be a ramdisk for eq2 only

The limit is set by what kind of application it is. The game is fairly much a DirectX 9.0c 32bit client.  So it includes all the limitations that come with it. 2Gb being the default for 32bit applications they code expecting that and Windows expects that which is why it crashes due to memory space corruptions, overwrites, and clashes when it exceeds it.  The best we can do, currently, is set the operating system to allow it a tiny bit more space to operate in (though the game doesn't technically use it, it does help prevent crashes) and to adjust time slicing from Normal up-to Above Normal, High, or even Real Time (not recommended as Real Time).  Affinity can be adjusted though it mostly ignores it.

If we had a 64bit client option as World of Warcraft now does then it would be able to use however much memory is accessible to the computer.  Sadly we don't, yet, have that 64bit client option to be competitive in the future.  If a push can be made to have a 64bit client introduced (which wouldn't take long to code at all) we may have this option to allow it to be a sustainable game well into the next decade.

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