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deadcrickets2 wrote:

Kwibble wrote:

I'm just curious.....  Is there ANYONE out there that is still able to run this game without frequent memory crashes on a 4Gb Win XP SP3 system with a 1Gb graphics card?  It's been about a year now, and I've seen many, many posts of people having issues, and no real solutions.  Some folks are having success with the /3GB switch, but like many, it just slows my system to a crawl and causes EQ2 to fail to launch at all.  Very frustrating...   One idea that comes to mind... perhaps I should just backgrade to my 8 year old X850XT Radeon card - at least that would recover some addressable memory?

If you have 4Gb you shouldn't be running a 32bit operating system.  The switch outlined here is NOT for a 32bit operating system.

Thanks, and noted.   If I could rephrase - anyone still able to run with a 2Gb Win XP SP3 system w/ 1 Gb graphics card?

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