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I have only used Growth's Replenishment ever, since the situation I hate the most is wiping because I run out of power to heal, just before some encounter is deafeated. Growth's Replenishment is usefull both early in a fight where some extra healing is needed, and late in a fight when power gone and tank needs a bit help to stay standing. 

It's been a while since I ran out of power just before encounter was defeated, so maybe I should think about trying Natures Caress or Blessing of Tunare. On the other hand, the ones that give +heal amount, will require me to cast them in advance... this will increase the risk of using them when it was not needed anyway, and that i hate too SMILEY

Even the tricks I got with long or semilong timers (like death prevention (AA reuse reduced) and panic heals) I hate to use and 2 seconds later realise it was not needed... guess I am just cheap with everything, even reuse timers SMILEY (playing my paladin alt and wasting Lay on Hands can really make me kick myself)

EDIT: Remember that some alters (including reward from 4th quest) give discounts, thus making the miracle/blessings cheaper...

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