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Skivley101 wrote:

Cant remember the lvl cap before they intoduced AA, 50 or 60?

I forgot to tell ya ... im a math whiz ....Doh!!! you said lvl 60 with no AA's , so right after you left they introduced em.

 But you should be able to get your first 50 pretty quick just from discoveries .... Almost positive They reset all the discoveries for you, Your maps should be reblacked out .

Make sure you check out all the discoveries in the cities too.

The Warden has become one of the most capable for soloing , especially with the mele build.

We were still very capable when you left ... root nuke style ...wich is still the best way for the heavier content imo, mixed with mele for extreme uber SMILEY 

I just think if you remade a warden from scratch, you would find the lower lvls painful, till you get to some of the good stuff ... imo

Meaning becuz you allready have made the warden to 60 , getting to some of those spells are the points im talking about sure you would be saying " Doh!!! why did i delete em , if you did.

You might want to read through the update notes .... But if you dont find your awnsers there, We'll still be here ...with varied oppinions

Cuz its all good ...

PS: Iceriven2 is spot on the zones , sorry guess some of us were to lazy to awnser that question.
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