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The first year on Freeport did not count towards vet awards. It only would if you were full time on another server and made occasional visits to Freeport.

I copied some characters over from the dead Bazaar server on day 1 of Freeport and subbed to GOLD straight away. I then cancelled my 'Live" account sub. I'm an 8 year vet, but my 1 year subbed on Freeport counts for nought, leaving me on 7 years. I did a /petition a while back and basically got a 'Boo hoo, how sad, never mind. There's nothing we can do for you about the missing year"

I can't imagine a lot of people on the Freeport server will get the 9 year vet award anytime soon, unless they were in the few that migrated to Freeport from the Bazaar server during the forced merger.

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