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I'm sorry. I don't see the point in continuing this discussion if you're going to suggest that it should be as easy to create a combat system for a game as complex as this one, as it was for older games not nearly as complex. Especially considering the fact that SOE is attempting to give each class the ability to fulfill its archtypical role (not easy). It's easy for me to give what you call "too much credit," because I have a great deal of fun with the game, and am sure I will after the patches hit, as well. To quote another poster: "adapt and overcome, don't whine and succumb."  And please don't mistake me for an SOE fanboy.  When something is broke, I don't like it and have no problem saying so.  When I couldn't afford to play my class because every fight cost me 15s in arrows, I complained.  And they fixed it.  Screw them, right?
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