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Ok, just an update for those who are just-now scrambling to work on the beta tradeskill achievement.

  • Level 100 crafter - run level 100 rush orders from your home crafting society, guild hall, etc. Nothing lower will do the trick. Old content quests won't do it either. They don't have the xp needed. Trust Mum, run rush orders. (Mule over progress and innovation potions, if you have them, to speed things up)
  • Level 101+ crafter - run level "110" rush orders. Yes, they say 110, they give xp as if they are level 106, but the items needed in them are from your level 101 book. Confusing, yes, but temporary.
If you have a Mark of the Far Seas, equip it. Equip the crafting version of your censer, and your prayer shawl. Every dribble of xp bonus helps on hand-in of those rush orders.

Again, this is just for beta purposes for the achievement. In theory, a better writ progression will be put in place once we're sure the items aren't going to be juggled around in books anymore. (And of course the sig line will hopefully be in "soon" after launch.)

Also remember your Hammer of Adept Hands (6-year vet reward or loyalty merchant over on live), as the extra vitality refill comes in handy.
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