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1. No, I stated that there were four main reasons to have a dirge in THE tank groupS in a raid, the first of which is provide a raid wide temp buff, CoB, which when alternated between two dirges can be up almost full time for the entire raid. Dirge buffs tend to be better for tank, such as increases in strength, agi and CAs, increased procs on dirge buffs etc.

2. Yes the dirge rez used to bring people up with full health and power when spec'd for it. Now that spec is useless, probably due to the increases in player power amounts over the last few years without ever increasing the amount on the rez.

3. Yes, the stone skin can still save you on a one shot IF it procs at that time, which can be a big IF, but for the most part the tanks rely on the shammy wards, which even though nerfed with the bleed through are still much more reliable.

4. Dirges have never had a hate transfer, we provide a tank buff that gives 37 hate/aggression, which with the advent of the ethereal cloaks is no longer a worthwhile buff, as you yourself pointed out in conversations I have had with you Nero. Yes I agree, 37 to hate/aggression is worthless since tanks now have more than 1k aggression. The only way to get more hate now is through a hate transfer from either a swash or an assassin.

Melee classes were still valid up through the current xpac, KA, but at the beginning of this xpac they nerfed it so badly that it is in effect a useless ability, and yes I have all of my abilities at the hard cap. They nerfed the WDB, they nerfed the dps, and they nerfed MA. The battle cry buff has been modified so that now, as well as it's original buff stats, it also gives a 25% pot increase to whoever it is put on based on the MA, but this buff has traditionally been for the T1-2 scout in the group, and they would have to spec to have roughly 4k in MA to get a 1k pot buff from it. Troubs on the other have have always been traditionally for caster groups, and their buffs are designed that way. Whereas a dirge is for melee/disease, the troub is more of a caster class, with their buffs designed for other caster classes. They do primarily arcane damage and always have. Troubs do not have stone skins, they do not have CoB or rezzes, and are designed primarily to give buffs that caster classes want/need. Troubs also have a raidwide buff as well called Perfection of the Maestro. So the hate/dehate is not the only difference between the two classes, however with current content, the dirge tank buff is completely useless. I am simply suggesting that the two buffs be merged into a single bard buff for expediency and it would probably be the easiest thing to do from a programming standpoint.
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