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1. You state that one of the reasons to have a dirge in the MT group is because they have a raid wide buff. Why does it matter what group they are in if it's raid wide?

2. If the rez should be bringing people up with full power and is not, that should definitely be fixed! *bonks Devs*

3. Stone skins are still relevant regardless of how much HP we have. If I am sitting at 100 mil, and the stone skin saves me from getting 1 shotted for some reason, then it's worth it.

4. I dont think you "transfer" hate, as much as give the tank aggression correct, which as far as I am aware of does not "cap"? I do think that aggression is still a relevant stat for us, just not in the quantities that are given by a dirge. I don't remember how much you give, but the 20 or so compared to the 1k+ I have doesn't really get me excited.

I almost feel like this post is 3 years too late. Melee classes saw their DPS slide sometime in AoM, when the WDB stat was capped. This just continued getting worse and worse until Ascensions were introduced, and since then, most classes have adjusted to maximize their other caster stats to rely less and less on auto attack. Nowadays, you can just max everything out I guess.

I'm not sure what you are referring to when you say "melee nerf to combat arts". Most combat arts received a significant boost at the start of KA did they not?

For the "most" part, a lot of the troub buffs have now become obsolete as well, and honestly, the only thing that differentiates the classes anymore is the troub UT, and Abhorrent Verse... Dirges have their raid buff and other stuff to offset the UT, and I just wonder why even bother have 2 bard classes at all if you are going to suggest combining the only thing that differentiates them?
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