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Why did I put "right now"? Because this is still being worked on, and won't be the permanent level up path. It is what is available as of Friday, Oct. 20 to get you eager beta testers going with your tradeskill leveling.

1. You need to have scribed your class essentials book from Maldura.

1a) If you are tradeskill buffed, this means that you would need to do the ToT crafting line at least up to the point where the crafting daily/weekly quest giver in the room with the forge of Brell unlocks. Then you can do the dailies/weekly from her for your faction and tokens to get the books from the vendor beside her.

2. You will need to grind level 100 rush orders from any rush order NPC. Not lower ones, just the 100 ones. This means you will need level 100 harvests from Thalumbra. You will need enough for 7-14 rush orders depending on your vitality, xp potions, xp items (mark of the far seas, prayer shawl, censer from ToT).

3. At level 101, the level 100 option disappears from the rush order NPCs and is replaced by one that calls itself a level 110 rush order. For all classes BUT woodworker, weaponsmith and carpenter, you can then use that new rush order, with the books and materials from Oliver and level all the way to 110. (That rush order is currently broken for woodworker and weaponsmith, as of Oct 20 Carpenters will continue to use their level 100 mats and recipes all the way to 110, due to the carp 101-100 books being empty until art is ready).

This is where it stands ***right now***. Again, this WILL change, and I expect there to be enough chatter that any updates by me to this thread will get lost. PLEASE USE THE CRAFTING CLASS STICKIES THAT CAITH MADE TO NOT ONLY SEE THE CURRENT STATUS OF BUGS/UPDATES WITH THAT CLASS, BUT TO POST YOUR OWN BUGS AND FEEDBACK. THANKS!

To clarify, after yet more tells from folks with questions, the combines themselves give you next to no movement in your xp bar. The writ hand-in, however, will give you a solid chunk.
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