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Covic wrote:

feldon30 wrote:

His profile from 2010:

Wow I forgot about that.  Well its nice to know my ideas have not really changed in the past years, although I think my art has hopefully improved from what I did back then.  Well Rhoen Theer was pretty awesome, until I got to do Rallos Zek, then Baelon. And now I cant wait to show the new stuff I have been working on lately.  

Also back to Rollen, I really enjoy what I do thats why I am up late on the weekends posting.  I cant really stay away.


I hear you buddy. I find myself checking this board every few hours even if I am working on a model in the very early morning.

As far as my art training goes I didn't do much past finger painting until got my game design degree where game art was part of the program.

Still have to use Chrome to post.....

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