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It is a pain on one hand, but no pain no gain right? If it was super easy then everybody would be doing it and you would be out of a job (no offense meant).  

I know about the technique of using a high poly object to make a normal map for a low poly object and I do want to start doing that in the near future. It's just another invisible bridge I need to throw some sand on and take the first step. I am making my custom runes and symbols in max already.

With the rivets I was trying to mimic what you have on the example shield to see how those works out. I still like how I use contour settings to make my rivets though. I hope they translate well into the game engine. On the shield of runes I just remade I used a combination of both methods.

BTW what is an SOE employee doing working after hours from home on a Friday no less? I commend thee sir! I thought y'all worked from 11 to 1 on Fridays with a 90 minute break for lunch. :p

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