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Same problem. I've tried it several times. First I places like pairs of anchors at the north and west points of the barricades, along with at the water's edge in the center. No waves after 20 minutes. I delete the quest, the world blinks and the NPC defenders are defending against attackable attackers.

Second try I tightly grouped all six anchors in the middle of the defensive line. Again no spawn of horde in 20 minutes. Deleting the quest again blinks the world and the defenders are fending off Assaulters.

Third try I placed all anchors up at the western tip of the beach, thinking from the text that possibly the assult wave is being killed at a spawn point at the edge of the beach while they slowly move toward the defenders. A tight group of anchors and half an hour later, nothing.

I did go back to the NPC after placing the anchors each time and the quest advanced to the defeat 50 Horde invaders step, just no invaders to defeat, the normal horde population does not update the quest.

Could this be the same problem that was occuring during the Skyshrine testing with the quest where you had to defend the Protector of Growth while he repaired the Obelisk thing in WL that would bug out after the first person did it?

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