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All of the healers had a role back when (good old days?) the largest mob hit was smaller than the health of the tank, and the largest ward/reactive was also much smaller, so you couldn't just ward everything with one group ward. That's maybe oversimplified, but with the current mob hitting for more than the tank's health (even at 160 mil plus in group) reactives can't be enough, and straight heals certainly don't do it. Plus the problem with reactives vanishing to small hits. I see how bleedthrough is supposed to fit in here but I'm not sure what the intent of the current implementation is with regard to individual classes.

My "good old days" vision of healers was chain/plate in tank groups, leather in caster groups, any healer in scout groups and any healer managing heroics- with the occasional stacking of all three healers for the MT group in really tough fights. This is where it would be nice to know what the current vision is for the heal structure- so we can comment on ways in which that vision is or isn't being met- and maybe come up with an approach that really works for all three types of healers.
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