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back in the days u needed few group heals.

mostly group heals were if someone grabbed aggro, a mistake, an add, or to heal AoEs. single target heals were more efficient up to 3 hit players. group heals were costly and not efficient heal wise.

AoEs also were not pulse.

now the group permanently takes damage in named fights. so much that group heals are more used than single target ones. also with potency group heals are large enough and now only the mana drain matters - not the actual spell cost.

in most mmos I've played, one of the big drawbacks of healers is the mana consumption. Usually healers use a LOT of mana to heal, that's what teach them to play smart and not spam heals. and that's what I'd love to see again.

playing smart !

that's also why for exemple that wards and reactives last way longer than HoTs. because hots are reactionary heals, where as wards and reactives were more casted preventively. now with surge ... u'd like HoTs to last longer (they shortened them through AAs) to keep healing through CC.

also shamans were not bad solo healers. or had no issue solo healing. They had issues putting a group back to full life if they didn't play smart --> preward. A shaman wasn't supposed to heal, heals were only backups, but the shaman's goal was to almost never use them.
wardens on the other hand have tools to heal tanks. So when u say druids were never designed to be main healers isn't true. Furies were solo healing mage groups and warden have tons of heals to be main heal. it's just that HoTs always heal last.
and warden issue is they were the defensive druids but if u only wanted 2 healers, shaman + templar was always the way to go --> more defenses overall. It's not coz druids couldn't, but just coz other classes were better suited.

the biggest issue with BT changes is how it changes the shaman playstyle. mystics stacked wards. They have few heals coz they were designed to not need them. And now ... those changes force a class who is bad at pure heals to keep healing on top of warding. wards were slow to cast for a reason, coz it's never an emergency type of heal ... and now shaman's main way of healing will take a serious hit.

if i remember correctly a shaman was prewarding, tank pulled and shaman was first debuffing. knowing he won't need to heal straight at pull. and then damage/refresh wards/debuffs/buffs.
now u can't do that, and shamans have few HoTs most of their heals are plain straight forward heals, useless to preheal like cleric or druid ... which makes them even less of a debuffer/buffer coz they'll have to be more carefull with spaming heals just in case.
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