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I get the need for bleed thru. I agree something needs to be done. I know the dev's are playing with it and tweaking it trying to make so it we aren't warding everything. This is good and needs to be done. But i'm not sure the bleed thru is providing the intended effect.

I recall the old days where you had a healer that focused on keeping the tank alive and then support healers that focused on curing and healing the group from aoe damage. So perhaps it is worth focusing the bleed thru on the aoes so the group takes damage that a secondary healer can mop up. Another option could be to try making the mobs cast a groupwide bleed thru determent that needs to be cured, then have the mobs hit you with aoes. So if the secondary healer does not cure, the group takes damage that is not wardable up to like 75 percent of their health every tic or so. But you would want only one mob in an encounter casting that or have them all cast it but not allow it to stack.

With something like that, the idea is the warder or templar is absorbing/healing the huge direct damage on the tank and the secondary healer is curing and healing the group. Again the key is the damage does not one shot the group but will kill the group if not cured and healed in a timely manor.

I am all for making the healers work and giving them stuff to do and making all healers desirable. I get that you all know this and are working on it.

It really is not easy when you have 3 distinct type of healers, wards/reactives/Hots. This is the way it has always been all healers are not equal and never have been and really never should be.

Druids were never designed to be main healers. Maybe in some instances they can but honestly they are support healers, always have ben always should be. They cure and buff and return the group to green with large fast grp heals. Really druids are fine as they are maybe beef up there buffs some and increase there DPS.

Clerics need something in my opinion, they should be capable of fulfilling the main healer role. Perhaps they are ok, if they maintain a large reactive on the tank to prevent death and follow that with a quick large single target heal. What gets them is the mobs multi attacking in quick succession. If they chew thru all the reactive triggers the tank dies.

shaman are perhaps to powerful with all the stacking wards and group wards. Instead of all the ward bleed thru maybe remove the single target stacking of wards and scale back or even remove the group wards. This way they can go back to keeping the tank alive but have problems solo healing. Which I believe is your goal.

Just some ideas and thoughts.
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