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Stygian Threshold: The Howling Gateway Advanced Solo:

I play a ranger, Kreox, & I usually do NOT use a mercenary.
Trash mobs fairly easy, can easily pull 4 at a time & kill them before they touch me.
Hagrash & Gagrash were easy enough, nice boost to their health to make the fights a little tougher, but still doable.

Bagarash....OMG what happened to him?? LOL. Start of fight I am doing 35mil dps, get him to around 40% & he turned into this big black version & then the fight began. Tons of Health!! As stated by Xanthorian - 456m health. First round, died. Second round, opened up & blew every boost & cooldown I had, start of fight, 72mil dps...40% he turned, died again after a few minutes.
Third round, broke out a healer merc. Unloaded on him again, changed at 40% again, but fortunately between my healing potions & merc, I was able to down him. Was he intended to be this tough??

Overall, I like the challenge, but have to wonder how other classes manage the fight. Will try on my conjuror tomorrow, but dreading it on a healer class, mystic or inquisitor or even my Paladin.

Might need to tune him down a little to make it more feasible for other classes.

Not sure what that is about. Does clicking the dead bodies help the fight?
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