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Stygian Threshold : The Howling Gateway [Advanced Solo]

I was using a berserker, mix of red 2/2 and purple 1/1 AoM gear

Mob hp and damage seems to be on the high side, and mercenaries die to ae melee very easily
First set of kobolds, hunters were hitting for 200k max hit, and gatherers for 84k max hit
Hagrash and Gagrash seemed fine, though Gagrash was annoying killing spirits with my tank dps
Bagarash appeared to have way too many hp though 456m, with the stalking hunt masters having around 53m.
I ended up having to do 8 sets of hunter/gatherer clicks over the course of the fight, and the fight took about 23 minutes, over the course of which i took 68m damage. That damage was fine to deal with as a berserker, even with my merc dying very early due to ae melee.
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