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Ulrichvon wrote:

What isn't clear about the overcap harvesting skill bonus is if it is a curve and every point moves you a little further along, or if its a stairstep, and you need atleast 50pts over to get the first bonus.

I suspect its a hard step, and wearing anything over cap appies no bonus unless you have a total of +X (50?) points over the cap for the node.

It's both.  It's a hard step to get started.  

If base harvesting for a tier is 300**.   And the bonus table starts at 375**.  Then it does nothing for you until you hit 375. 

Once you've crossed 375**, each point moves you a little further along.

**< Completely Fake Numbers.  Domino went out of her way to Not give us any actually useful numbers.

In the past we have been told that the beginning of the bonus table is far enough away from the current tier's base requirement, as to be difficult to reach.  But we don't know what that means.  Nor do we know if the current TS dev has continued the same pattern Domino was following.  Heck T10 may or may not even have a bonus table, or it may be unreachable, or it may be trivial to reach, no way of knowing.....

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