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I'm a recently returned player a couple of months ago (only played a couple of months when it was released because I was still really into EQ1) and I didn't buy AoD until I saw it on sale for half price, which was around when I hit level 80.  I duoed my way there with my wife (2 casters) and we had no problems doing anything outdoors, pretty much following the golden path, and I don't think it would be difficult to solo most of it.  That said, duoing 2 casters, we couldn't do any dungeons with heroic content, which was a major bummer for me since I really like them, the mobs hit too hard and took too long to bring down (and forget trying any named).  I feel like we missed a lot of really good content.

After we got AoD, we finally ran out and got a mercs and wow what a difference (night and day), they were 1 and 2 shotting a lot of mobs that took us a while to take down and dungeons were now doable and still sometimes challenging.  I would say they are way overpowered for most outdoors mobs (non heroic), and even slightly overpowered for dungeons, but its almost like having a full party with the 4 of us.

I was also suprised how responsive and 'intelligent' they are.  I got the SK and she ae taunts and responds immediately when I get agro (so much better than a RL person in this respect - they never afk and are always paying attention ).  My wife took the healer and he even keeps my SK alive very well and cures are immediate.  I would rather have a group of RL friends playing, but its a nice substitute since there aren't that many lower levels wanting to group (though admittedly I didn't try looking).

Personally, I feel the game is much more fun with them, but you are right, $40 is steep and you might just want to wait if they have another discount sale soon (I saw someone asking about it when the new expansion goes on sale next week - I would at least wait a week or so probably).  Looking back now, I probably would have shelled out $80 for our two accounts to have them while we leveled.  I started a 2nd toon when my wife doesn't play and have been soloing him with a merc and hitting lots of dungeons and I can't imagine doing without now.

I joined up with a casual guild and I would recommend doing that as well asap, lots of very worthwhile ammenities, especially if you want to tradeskill.  I'm on the Permafrost server and I wouldn't recommend it for 'high' population, I think its one of the less populated servers.

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