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[email protected]_old wrote:

Eshaac wrote:

Ok, I'm stuck...

Here are 2 pics of what I see on my puter screen.

Quest says I must get map and the 2 keys from sleepers tomb. but I do not see the name of the zone the quest says to go to and I'm solo'n it.. nothing but heroic 3^'s and raid..

Says "contested"

You can see nothing here about "contested"  not that I think it is where a solo'r should be going anyway.. hahahaha


Pictures deleted so the post isn't terribly long.

Your problem is a simple one ... your not clicking on the door to ST ... go into the pit, there is a short tunnel with a door at the end, click on said door.

The option you want is not the contested zone it's the solo one.

this need`s to be put in the quest journal, if it goes live saying that you need to go into the contested ST, people will either refuse to run it, or go in groups, be unable to find the updates and get po`d. please fix the journal so it has the proper zone info.

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