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Calthine wrote:

I never use it.  I'd like to see the "LFW" features given more flexibility, though.

I second this. I never use the LFG window but LFW needs love!

I play on one of the busiest servers, AB, and I rarely see more than a couple people using LFW if at all. More often than not, someone starts spamming the channels when they need a crafter. I've been told by customers more than once that they'd been spamming the channel for hours before I responded. I'd happy fly the LFW tag if the menu resembled the current LFG one.

Back to the main topic however...

I liked the suggestions from Ylis' post about automatically removing someone who is AFK and allowing people to LFG their alts (especially since EQ2 now has XP bonus for alts when you have capped characters). I think he's spot on about the trepidation to start groups, and the idea for an auto-grouping feature is intriguing. Streamlining the design of the window itself would help too, there's a lot of redundant information there (like roles).

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