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/LFG should just set you LFG with the appropriate default 'role' tags for your class type (or last used for that CHARACTER, at present these seem to be per account which means whenever I swap from mystic to wizard or vice versa I have to reset the 'role' tags)

/LFG   should set an lfg message

/LFGT should work as /LFG but for tradeskill class not adventure

Whenever /LFG or /LFGT an icon should appear on your player window to indicate this, clicking this icon takes you to the "Player looking for more" window to tweak the options

/LFM and/or Clicking the "search for players" button on the group bar should go directly to the "Group looking for more" option on advanced LFG and not the community window.  (I think /LFM already works)

"I will mentor" should be unticked as default, personally I *do* mentor but most don't and some get downright shirty when you ask them to mentor.

EDIT: and at the option to /lfg characters on the same account at once. even if only a few people do this, it will kick start the use of the advanced lfg (more potential matches to choose from)

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