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1. /lfg should tag you without bringing up the interface window. If you'd like to add a comment this should follow the /lfg command.

2. Like you can set your default loot options you should be able to set your default LFG options so you need not go through the process of opening the window and ticking the same boxes each time e.g. MT/OT/DPS/NO-MENTOR/LEVEL-80 etc.

3. The LFG window should include tick boxes for each instance. Instances should be groupped by expansion so you could just tick say TSO and be flagged as interested in any TSO instance. Your reuse timers should be shown alongside each instance and each instance should be graded to show it's intended difficulty. As above these zone tick boxes should be configurable in the default LFG options. Zones that are locked should automatically be dropped until they are available again.

4. When you tag up LFG a short message should be automatically generated in the appropriate level chat channel e.g. RedDwarf 80 Templar is LFG - Any TSO, daily double prefered.

5. The group looking for more tab is not required. System should be kept simple with one place to look for available players. If a group is formed up and can't find what they are after in the LFG window then they will advertise in level chat to see if they catch anyones eye.

- Roldy

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