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Me, I'd like it if when I type /lfg it just puts me as looking for group.  Most people know what a classes function is, so I don't really feel a need to specify that my wizard is ranged magic dps.

When it says you are now looking for group in the chat window, I'd also like it to say "Press Alt+L" or whatever the hotkey is to bring up advanced options.  In the advanced options is a list of toons you have on that server, you can then check yourself, and them as looking for group.  If someone wants to invite your alt into their group, it'll send the tell to you (even though they'll have a tell that looks like /tell alt_name).

Last I'd still like to see some kind of balanced teleport to group leader functionality.  That is, it will bring you to the group leader, or the zone in location (if it's an instance).  Maybe have a timer that only allows the group to call one person every 15 minutes (everyone in the group gets flagged when the ability gets used).  I mean it should be designed so that when you have 4 or 5 of your 6 people at the zone that you can just summon that last person instantly.  I've had to wait close to a half hour for the last person in a group to arrive b/c they got lost in Fens, and Kunzar.

I guess I also wouldn't mind a "group stone" that you can put yourself into a group queue, and when the queue finds a valid group (i.e. one healer, one tank, one dps, +1-3 others), it will send out an auto group invite to everyone.  You tag the stone for the instance(s) that you want to run, and then if you get an invite that you like you get to go in, if not then you get to go to the end of the queue.

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