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1. Allow you to LFG for more than one character. This is my main reason for not using it.

2. Automatically hide players who are AFK. A good percentage of the people I send tells to are afk.

Other things:

People don't like the hassle of putting together a group. Something to facilitate that would be good. For example, you often see in chat:

51 Guard LFG57 Warden LFG CT52 Wiz lfg

...none of those people ever say "Hey let's start a group!" Why, because the leader is dumped with the responsibility of finding a replacement in the event that someone leaves.

I seem to recall that WoW had an auto-group option. I don't think it grouped people intelligently though (for example putting people together without a tank or healer). If we could have something that recognized that we needed a tank or a leather healer or a bard specifically and it auto grouped people accordingly that might be awesome. Maybe we could set up "desired classes" or "desired archtype" and it hooks everyone up.

A right-click invite radial option would be really nice to have in chat channels too.

I just also wanted to add that 70-79  chat on some servers is not a very nice place,  filled with spam, barrens-chat style "humour", even DPS parses. As soon as I hit 80 I left that channel immediately and I hated having to use it to find groups (because nobody checks the tool ever) when I was 70-79.

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