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Maybe somehow the LFG window tool could be combined with the chat channels.  When the tool is up a 'grouping' message is automatically sent out in chat too.  Or the tool auto joins and removes you from new global LFG chat channels or something.  Perhaps like the chat filters for tells to windows, except when you are LFG or LFM it is automatically toggled on and you see it (level appropriate), and when your not you don't see it.

Another thought is to somehow 'reward' players for using the tool.  Maybe if you have been LFG for over 15 minutes, the group you join via the tool you get an automatic port right next to the group leader or something.  Or maybe half off your next repair bill, bonus extra 5% xp gain (mini xp potion), temp buff for extra 25% cash from drops, or something to help encourage people to use it.

I also don't think there is a way to specify what a person is locked out of.  That might help.


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