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I typically use the LFG window while leading groups.

That being said: as a group leader (and Tank) the window is much to large to have up all the time while looking for a replacement. The chat channels are much easier to scan for lfger's than having that window blocking out most of my screen. That is my major gripe with the window.

There are also a few other things, most people can see a tank/healer/dps class and recognize it as that do you really need to specify your role? I don't think I've ever looked at what role people want when lookin (I just look for what might fit best in my group)

One thing I think might help get the LFG spam out of the channels (and cure the problem of not being able to see the 70-80 chat when on an alt) is having a specific LFG channel that you can join at will or automatically get placed into when you put up your LFG tag. This would be an incentive to have your lfg tag up so that people can find you when making groups.

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