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juz 08-30-2007 02:35 PM

<p>What's this about Off Hand weapons? I thought the DW changes was made to simplify things and get more options out there. Off Hand weapons are exactly the same as DW weapons only more limiting in that you can't use 2 at the same time?</p><p>Updating test right now to check this out but I don't understand why add this distiction at all.  First all where gonna be 1H that you could DW, then, some of the 1H where gonna be Main Hand only, now this?</p>

Bramwe 08-30-2007 03:28 PM

If it was meant to be less confusing they failed.  If it was meant to allow classes to use more weapons it succeeded.  It allows 1 handed classes to use a majority of the dual wield weapons out there without penalty now and allows dual wield classes to use the majority of one handed weapons as dual wielding weapons now.  There are exceptions for very powerful weapons apparently but other than that there should be a much larger pool of weapons usable by both dual wield and one handed classes....mostly one handed classes.  Back when eq2 was released there were offhand dual wield and main hand dual wield weapons...it seems they are bringing these designations back with slightly less restrictions.

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