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Marranda 11-03-2015 12:01 AM

So on the sig quest, I need to talk to queen she has a icon lighting up and wont talk to me, lol the npc that was supposed to follow me is missing. Logged off for 2 hours come back and same thing. So I decide will work on another quest. Started Valley of the thralls the NPCs in city have the icon to use the clicky on them but u cant use it. Since I have already finished this quest on another toon, I went to the correct location blightstone barrens, the npcs there ( mostly do NOT have the icon) the ones that do, don't work. Adhalgar thrall at<br />/way 706.74,94.78,-699.44. no icon and clicking says he is not a enemy. All the ones in area say the same thing.<br />Also don't know if this has anything to do with Broken quest but Gninja was on a few hours ago an said they took broker down on beta to fix issues. Not sure how that can mess up quest givers and npcs. new ones seem to work but not these.

Kaitheel 11-03-2015 02:02 AM

Ah, ha! You'll be glad to know that I posted in the Thalumbra quest thread yesterday, "dhalgar citizens of outer Maldura will no longer appear as quest targets" after the next Beta update. Watch for that fix in the update notes. But as for the "not an enemy" message... I am not sure. Did that last longer than 60 sec?<br /> <br />~ Kaitheel

Marranda 11-03-2015 04:12 PM

ok I went to try this quest again today and still says Not an enemy on all the dhalgar in Blightstone barrens <img src="/images/smilies/frown.gif" alt="Frown" /> sadly this stops progression of the quest on beta toon Zandie. Hope the fix is soon. and yes it last I can not use the item on any of the npcs in blightstone or the city courtyard area. Btw some have the icon and some do not. I also Deleted the quest and retook it thinking maybe it was me bugged, to no avail.

Taiyla 11-03-2015 04:29 PM

I completed this quest last night. The trick is to go to the "Barren" area and look for the enthralled dhalgar that are aggro. They are found with other enthralled npc's that are aggro. The ones that show up non aggro don't work. If you can't find any aggro dwarves then kill the aggro enthralled left standing and they should repop.

Kaitheel 11-03-2015 04:45 PM

Ugh! Something is definitely broken if they are staying actors and not despawning. I'll be looking at this today!<br /><br />~ Kaitheel

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