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Caith 10-20-2015 07:35 PM

General<br />Some stats have had a new hard cap applied. Once this hard cap has been reached, any extra amount of this stat will no longer affect the character in any way.<br />Crit Bonus now has a hard cap of 3000<br />Weapon Damage Bonus, and Spell Weapon Damage Bonus now have a hard cap of 300<br /> <br />Itemization<br />Prestige Items - Prestige Items may only be equipped by a member.<br />Relic Items - Items so amazing, you just can't handle more then one at a time. A character may only equip a single relic item at a time. If you have both the Sword of Relic Awesome and the Relic Boots of Rythmic Walking, you would need to un-equip one before equipping the second.<br />Weapons with a delay lower then 4 seconds have been increased to 4 seconds. This is to help reduce event scheduler lag. Sage's have been granted a recipe that allows them to change weapon delays between 4 and 6 seconds.<br /> <br />Gear Infusers may now be used to apply a bonus to one or more stats on an item. Most infusers grant a random bonus within a set range to a stat that already exists on the item, while some rare infusers will add the stat if it does not already exist on an item.<br />Most gear will now drop with a random bonus applied to certain stats. These random bonuses may be increased via purchased infusions in the /toggleinfusion window.<br /> <br />You may now reforge into Potency<br />You may now reforge out of excess Crit Bonus, Weapon Damage Bonus, and Spell Weapon Damage Bonus<br /> <br />Spells and Abilities<br />Warlock<br />Focused Casting now splits it's conversion bonus between Potency and Crit Bonus<br /> <br />Tradeskills<br />Refining will now grant a 5% bonus instead of a 10% bonus.<br />Refining will no longer grant bonuses to potency, crit bonus, Weapon Damage Bonus or Spell Weapon Damage Bonus. This will not effect items that have already been created with refined materials.<br />Experimentation's effect on crit bonus and potency has been reduced from 10% to 5%. This will effect previously experimented items.<br />Sage's have been granted a recipe that allows them to change weapon delays between 4 and 6 seconds.<br />Terrors of Thalumbra Handcrafted and Mastercrafted Items may not be transmuted or salvaged.

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