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Luhai 11-11-2012 05:52 AM

<p>I was checkling out the Broker in the curch of the Obol Plains town when another player came in and talked to the Banker Larissa Balatore  and the Broker Darius Barone.</p><p>Both NPCs would suddenly disappear after that and would not show up again, even after about 15 minutes.</p><p>When I exited the church I was able to see Darius Barone again. I could target him but once I got closer he'd disappear again and I could not interact with him.</p><p>After relogging I was able to see both NPCs again.</p><p>Maybe the other player had a quest in the Obol Plains making these guys disappear? I don't know, I couldn't ask him what he had done since he had already logged off.</p>

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