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Arweena69 10-28-2012 10:11 PM

<p>Just did as much of the Eidolon Jungle timeline as I can with War Machines being bugged, still missing 1 clickie and 1 dropped quest which I'm going to go look for.  </p><p>So overall I have to say I like the colors, when I saw the pannel from SOElive that the colors would be more 'vibrant' I was afraid they would be more WOWish.  I'm VERY glad they are not like that, I think the balance achieved with the intent of the zone is great.</p><p>THANK YOU for it not being 1,000,001 quests that give 0.5% EXP each making it tedious and painful to level, but at the same time the quests still only give 0.5% EXP per ... that really sucks for leveling, based on the map of EJ I'm somewhere near half way through the zone and I have a whole 18.2% into level 92, that's with 200% Vit and 80% Vet bonus on my act.  Based on that we'll be lucky to hit 93 doing the quest lines which will leave everyone to grind out the last 2 levels or go back and do old quests that give next to nothing for EXP.  As a lvl 92 templar it's taken me between 5 and 6 hours to get that 18.2% EXP on a server where I'm really not having to fight others for the updates, on live where I'll be trying to grab the kills I need from others it will take me a LOT longer and/or I will just have to wait till after the Xpack has been out for a couple of weeks and the zones aren't so crowded at which point I will already be 95 as being in a raid guild I will need to be leveled quickly to start raiding the new zones.</p><p>I think the integration of the sig line into the camps was done well and the quests are not overly difficult, but then I'm a fully raid geared Templar so that may be helping some.  I will note that the displacer's displacement is a bit annoying when you get ported to the other side of a rock and end up facing a different direction.</p>

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