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Ryptide 10-24-2012 02:18 PM

<p>I'm not a fan of the death blow mechanism.  It's only real power is in killing very very large, multiple encounters of mobs.  Which is really only useful when power leveling.   </p><p>I'm assuming that Pirate's Perception procs Pirate's Retaliation.  I don't think this ability is working as intended.  We did a run through Constested Skyshrine to test our new abilities.  The parse included 80 encounters zone wide.  One other thing to note, none of the other group members ever proc'd this damage through the entire zone.  I can't post a screen shot of ACT here but will post one on flames.</p><p>Extdps:</p><p>191.11  <-- Take into consideration, Grp dps zone wide was around 900k extdps, with my own just over 300k.</p><p>Avg hit:</p><p>4280.92</p><p>Min hit:</p><p>0</p><p>Max hit:</p><p>7836</p><p>Total hits:</p><p>95</p><p>Crit %:</p><p>100</p>

Ryptide 10-24-2012 02:40 PM

<p>Sorry this isn't the death blow mechanic.  This is the Prestige by the same name.  Still not worth the 3 prestige points to get less than 200 dps on 80 encounters.</p><p>The death blow mechanic, Pirate's Perception, never showed up on the zonewide parse.</p>

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