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Bunji 11-07-2014 04:45 PM

POPULATION / ZONE PROGRESSION<br /><i>Phantom / Tranquil Seas</i><br />Speed buff waterspouts in Tranquil Sea and Phantom Sea are now visible from further away and are more plentiful.<br />The Kylong Plains will now appear in the correct location on Druid Rings Travel Map.<br />Twisted Stags on Isle of Refuge will no longer spawn as Does.<br />Allu'thoa rider's on North Dshinn can no longer be seperated from their raptor mounts in combat by pulling from range.<br />Viscous tar elementals will no longer lock people in combat.<br /> <br /> <br />ABILITIES / ALTERNATE ADVANCEMENT<br />Soul Shackle now has a 60 second reuse time.<br /> <br /><i>Shaman</i><br />Spiritual Leadership now wards for 15% less.<br /> <br /> <br />TRADESKILLS<br />Far Seas Kindling no longer requires far seas faction to purchase.<br />Magma fish can no longer be used in amalgamation recipes.<br />Corrected the levels on some of Raffik's reward recipes.<br />Corrected spelling of "amalgamation" in recipes.<br />Relics for Gnorbert's questline have been relocated slightly so there are more in the main pit and other safer areas.<br />Damaged notes for Skrit's questline have also been relocated slightly so they are a bit safer to get around the tower and a lot safer to get around the dig site.<br />Abandoned Isle garden harvest nodes respawn faster for "Shipwrecked!"<br />The books for "Shipwrecked!" are larger.<br />The Blessing of the Prime feather for "Shipwrecked!" now shows up in the quest helper as a clickable option.<br />Harvest nodes on the Abandoned Isle that are needed for the second "Castaway" are no longer visible before you are on that quest, to avoid confusion.<br />The grimling runner for "Grim Runnings" now respawns within 30 seconds if he is killed. He also has a slightly smaller aggro radius.<br />The patrolling guard in Mistmoore's Research Library is now a full heroic, since higher level players reported he was a pushover.<br /> <br /> <br />QUESTS<br />Shattered Seas: Temple of Doom - The Shissar Codex abilities are removed from the player's knowledge book upon leaving "Ssraeshza Temple: Shadow of Luclin" or deletion of the quest.<br />Shattered Seas: Temple of Doom - All aspects of Shielding Scales now assists the caster (not the target), as intended.<br />Shattered Seas: Temple of Doom - Belzia now has spell visuals to show Codex powers transferring from Dargan to player.<br />Touch of the Undead - Tola R'Vorr and Ritualist D'Rhivirr now have flavor text if the player is not using their Ghorkaal Teir'Dal illusion.<br />Flora Versus Undead Fauna - The Rune of Aggressive Growth no longer causes hate, if targeting an enemy when cast.<br />Shattered Seas: Revelations in Highhold - Opal Darkbriar should now have the correct quest update icon.<br />Corrupting the Blessed - The Blessed Knoll soil will now trigger a line of chat if the desired item was triggered to spawn.<br />Coin in Remembrance - The Blessed Knoll soil will now trigger a line of chat if the desired item was triggered to spawn.<br />Shattered Seas: Dark Forest of Legend - Completion of quest now removes the "Ghorkaal Teir'Dal Illusion Belt" from the player's inventory.<br />Zaveta's Blade Runner - Aggroing multiple Allu'thoa by gathering Zaveta's blades will no longer result in multiple on screen messages.<br />Gangrenous Treatment - Aggroing multiple Teir'Dal by destroying gangrenous weapons will no longer result in multiple on screen messages.<br />Momentary Peace for Bloody Kithicor - Calmseas' Blessed Salt now has an appropriate target description.<br />Sustaining Souls of Bloody Kithicor - The Bloody Kithicor Phylactery now has an appropriate target description.<br />Body of Work - Spiteweed rash can now inflicts poison damage.

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